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The Conquest Group is a broker and syndicate of tax credit projects and solar renewable energy developments. We align developers and holders with institutional investors seeking tax relief. Our firm specializes in the exchange and syndication of tax credits for the film production, real estate, renewable energy, and manufacturing/service industries.  We pursue the most attractive programs throughout the country within multiple sectors to meet the needs of our investors. 

Through the use of a variety of investment structures, ranging from simple tax credit & certificate brokerage to complex tiered partnerships, Capital Swaps aids in the design of transactions to fit the specific type of credit being sold and the needs of the entities involved. We consider these assets to be securities and can clear all transactions through a broker dealer, Northeast Securities, Inc of Uniondale, NY. 

Although, we are a relatively small firm we have partnered with large investment banks, tax accountants, and tax attorneys that have closed hundreds of transactions and raised over 250 million in equity. We are dedicated to helping our clients throughout the process by assisting with troublesome paperwork, certifying tax credits, and consulting with all parties involved in the transaction to structure a deal that benefits everyone. 

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